How can we know God is real?

It’s been a question in the mind of people since this world has come into existence, and since people started thinking apart from what to wear on and what to eat, where to get food from etc.

So, if you are wondering whether God is real or not, you are in a place where we’ll together try to understand the actual idea about the existence of God – but in a nutshell. Just read it and tell me what you think.

What do religious people say?

Religious people believe God is real and so they have nothing to do with this question, is God real? Of course, they are with absolute certainty that God does exist, operating the entire system of the universe including all the planets, the sun & other creatures believed to live on other planets. People belonging to all major religions like Christianity, Islam & Hinduism all have an abiding faith in the existing of God.

What do atheists say?

As for atheists, of course, they don’t! They believe in the theory of evolution and think every living thing is a result of various evolutionary processes.

The main religious justification

On the other hand, religious people including deists strongly believe God does exist because everything must have a designer. Nothing can exist without a designer.

The rejection of the justification by atheists

While atheists say in response, just assume for a while; everything has a designer, and then who has created God? What about you? Is God real?


It’s great to know whether God does exist or he exists just in the mind of the people. However, the majority of the population believes that God is real and atheists who don’t believe in the existence of God cover 10% of the world. The world religions graph makes it clear that Christians are 50% of the total world population.

So, by all accounts, God is real but people with their specific religions believe the idea of God in more than one way. Some say there’s only one God. Others think there are many Gods who manage things together. So, is God real? This answer depends on your way of thinking.

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