Why Money Blocks are Developed and How to Eliminate Them

Frustration will possibly set in if the money in your life does not increase even if you work very hard. Fortunately, you don’t need to live with this circumstance forever. First, understand the cause for restricting money flow in your life and the role of the mind in negative thoughts that restrict money supply. How to eliminate this negativity of money also needs to be understood.

Spiritual definition of money

Spiritually, money means an energy form. You cannot store or lock energy. It is intended to be exchanged therefore holding on to money for the fear of losing it can lead to blocking energy inflow and outflow. Manifesting money is hard for some people because of many reasons, which is developed into a defensive behavior.

Reasons of money blocks

Negative beliefs regarding money is gathered in people’s subconscious mind due to many negative beliefs like –

  • Rich people are crooks
  • Money is the cause of all evil
  • Plenty of money can be earned only with dubious means
  • People with money are not trustworthy
  • The abundance of money invites jealousy

Money block consequences

  • Dislike towards wealthy people is harbored
  • Fear that if you become rich, you will not be able to trust your friends
  • The abundance of money means no sound sleep

How money block can limit money flow

Early experiences stored in the subconscious mind controls a program, which can manifest as –

  • Lack of interest towards earning a good salary
  • Tendency to become lazy and not be good at financial planning
  • Feeling guilty about making good profit or asking for a raise
  • Compulsive urge of giving away
  • And more

You can eliminate negativity by working at the metaphysical level using chakra balancing, reiki, past life regression, and reinforce yourself into thinking positively. Thus, manifesting power of thinking in a specific way and thereby enjoy consistent money flow.

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